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How to Choose your Wedding Invitation?

Choosing Your wedding day invitation can be as simple or complex as you want to make it to be depending on two factors: how much time you wish to spend researching different designs and whether you already have specific idea for your invitation.

Wedding invitations can be simple and beautiful with classic type and high quality stationary.

Also there are a range of finishes you can use to create interesting effects for the wedding invitation.

So the three elements: design, paper style and quality and stationary techniques are what affect the style of wedding invitation. Less is more for wedding invitations and design in general but equally choosing a classic style can make a wedding invitation appear too impersonal.

The desired effect is to incorporate cues in the wedding invitation that subtly reveal the couple’s personality. The following elements help achieve these effect

Emboss your letters

Embossing is a stamp-like effect on paper, making a relief effect that allows elements to stand out. I love the idea of typography embossing on hard paper. You can also use embossing for special effects like a wedding invitation map. I love this embossed world Map by Stich Press.

wedding invitations


Inside envelope design

I absolutely love the idea of having a flower peaking out a wedding invite envelope like these designs from the South Bound bride. This would be the perfect finishing touch to a classic invitation

wedding letter

Transparent paper

Ever wanted to create a monochrome invitation where the type matches the color of the paper? The best way to do it is by printing on transparent paper.

wedding invitations

Foiled letter press

There is nothing more beautiful than mixing glossy with mat using a foil letter press effect over high quality paper.

wedding diary

Stamp Effect

You can seal your love with a stamp on an envelope. You van choose a modern stamp effect like this one by Andrew Gary Beard Sall or you can opt for the classic deep read wax stamp on letter.

wedding invitation

Brand your Initials

Ever since the moment he proposed you and your fiancé have become a unit and there is no better to incorporate than in  Logo which you can make for your wedding Invitation.

wedding invitation

Hope these ideas have helped get you started. For more ideas, Pinterest is always the best place to start your search. Check my Vera Wang wedding dress trial experience next week.

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