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My engagement proposal

my engagement proposalEveryone who is dreaming about their proposal should know that the most important moments of your life come with a lot of work- like moving to a new city, opening your own business of buying your first house- these, along with getting proposed to, are the among the best moments of your life but require effort to come together beautifully!

How I envision writing this wedding diary, which will follow every Saturday until Saturday December 3rd 2016- the day I get married, and beyond as a post wedding diary is to share my honest experiences on this wedding planning journey and hopefully inspire and provide valuable reference to future brides. Also I want to write this diary for myself and reflect on it on the future, five years from now or more and remind myself of this beautiful period.

So starting from the top, like everyone I also had a life before the engagement; finding my soul mate took time. I take it for granted now because I see my love everyday, forgetting how life was before we met. We met in London, eight years since I first moved to London and way past my prime time on the clubbing scene. Where was he all this time?

A little over a year before meeting Miguel I felt really good about being single, I travelled, worked lived in New York for a period of time and had fun with my friends. At the same time I envisioned how my life will be with ‘him’, how we would spend our day, how our house looked like, everything. When I was ready to meet ‘him’ I was very proactive about it- every weekend I was out with friends until I met him.

We met on a Saturday, had our first date on Sunday and the rest is history- in September we moved together to Barcelona and in December proposed, a little under two years together. For me my engagement was perfect because it represented our values as a couple- we love spending time together and like to keep our most special moments private- just for the two of us.

So although on the night of the proposal we went to our one of our favourite restaurants in Barcelona, Botafumeiro and had a walk on the beach the proposal happened in the comfort of our bed with a cute ‘heart’ puzzle where he wrote the question on the back and we put the puzzle together. The puzzle kept falling apart because the bed was soft and noticing that I was still confused about what’s happening he told me that he wants to take me on a holiday and gave me a square box present as my Christmas gift; the box didn’t look remotely like it could be a surprise trip, so then I knew that he was going to ask me!

It’s been three months since the engagement and we went back to Botafumeiro to celebrate. There are a thousand things to do on the list which I will share with you in the next coming Saturdays. Next week I will explain how chose my save the date design and prepared my wedding guest list. Do you want to know anything in specific about wedding guest lists and save the date invitations? Write your questions in the comments bellow and I will reply the following week!

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