My Fashion Week Looks

How you dress during fashion week is equally or more important than some the fashion shows themselves. And believe me as much as you like dressing and shopping, finding the perfect outfit for fashion week is a big challenge. Packing is a different challenge which I partially solved by keeping my fashion weeks short and allowing two days in Barcelona before going to the next fashion week.

I always wondered however how the well known fashion bloggers manage with five or six pieces of luggage flying around the world- probably the rest of their team does not carry luggage so the quantity of suitcases per person averages out.

Apart from the suitcase challenges, weather conditions make fashion week a struggle as we have seen this February and learned that investing in a vast outerwear collection and winter accessories is the way to go. Planning winter outfits in Barcelona didn’t help as it is at least 15 degrees warmer than all the other fashion week cities.

New York

Showcasing the pre-planned outfits in New York was a major challenge; there was no way out of my big fox fur coat, like Carrie Bradshaw I wore everything with the fur including layering coats underneath. Going for winter clothes shopping before fashion week is also impossible because by the time New York fashion week starts all of the spring/summer collections are out.

Friday February 12

I was wearing one of the strongest looks on Friday. Luckily I had recently landed in New York and didn’t mind the cold in the beginning to pull off the look but still had to pair it with the, what is now, signature fur jacket for New York.


I was wearing

red Miu Miu Dress
red Prada platform heels
white and black Sayan coat
red Turban
black suede YSL bag
fashion week looks


Saturday February 13

For the coldest day of the fashion week season the inspiration was taking London to New York.

I was wearing

Blacked cropped Chloè top
Green print Prada cropped trousers
Oxford style Tod’s moccasins
Classic black XL Chanel Bag
fashion week looks


Sunday February 14th

For Valentine’s day I wore a dress to celebrate love but at the same time I was suffering from the painful sub zero weather and as a result I showed the dress only after the Custo Barcelona show. You are the first ones to see it here

I was wearing

Black red-lip printed silk Prada dress
Topshop Suede boots
Black Saten Prada Clutchfashion week looks


Monday February 15th

The Monday statement piece was a waist A-line skirt and the rest of the look was arranged according to the weather conditions. I tucked in the black wool coat into the skirt so it looked like a dress worn underneath.

I was wearing

Sky blue stripy Miu Miu Skirt
Print leather Louis Vuitton Alma bag
White Massimo Dutti top
Black Zara Coat
Black Suede Topshop Bootsny3

Tuesday February 16th

For the last day of New York Fashion week, and the warmest of all days I wore a statement yellow fedora hat from a bespoke hat shop on Thompson street.

I was wearing

Bright orange patent leather Miu Miu Skirt
Black cropped Chloè top
Metallic Gold Gucci Dorothy’s
Mustard Yellow Hat Shop Fedora
fashion week looks


London as the most colourful and showy of the fashion week meant I had to go out of my comfort zone for the looks. We worked on specific references for the looks and came up with a 70s look, a Siberian military look and a glam girl look for the 3 days of London Fashion weekend.

Friday February 19th

I entered London fashion week in 70s style. I felt more like ‘me’ wearing looks with more color and my 70s look was very colourful and included two of my favourite winter season pieces.

I was wearing

J.W. Anderson cold tones rainbow striped turtleneck
Caramel corduroy Zara trousers
Jimmy Choo suede ankle boots
Three color Shrimps faux fur coat
Black Classic XL Chanel Bag
fashion week looks

Saturday February 20th

I felt empowered and strong while girly at the same time for my Russian military look, combining eclectic pieces from various designers to make a very diverse impression.

I was wearing

Metallic red textured Sandro top
Black and white textured Sonia Rykiel skirt
Black classic Gucci moccasins
Olive green fleece Maison Margiela bomber jacket
Black Classic XL Chanel Bag
fashion week looks

Sunday February 21st

Sunday look was inspired by a modern Cher Horowitz from Clueless Sunday day off: low pony tail, pink fur, dark cropped jeans and Dorothy heels.

I was wearing

Bubble pink Fur top by a local Barcelona designer
Black Prada jeans
Metallic gold Gucci heels
Bubble pink Miu Miu clutch
fashion week looks


Milan, like New York was a weather mishap- I was freezing, but didn’t have my fur jacket to cover protect me this time. Still at above 0 temperature I could endure the short walks and the photo sessions. The looks for Milan were inspired by Italian 60s movies mixed with some 80s and 90s retro.

Friday February 26th

For the first day of Milan fashion week I was inspired by the signature colors of the Italian flag- green white and red. The look was concluded by a vintage green and red Gucci belt.

I was wearing

Ivory white oversized Miu Miu trousers
Forest green American vintage Chinese neck button up
Ivory white thick cotton Miu Miu sleeveless knit
Olive green Prada platform sandals
Forest green Urban Outfitters bomber jacket
Classic Chanel XL Black Bag
fashion week looks

Saturday February 27th

I was wearing one of my favourite looks of the entire fashion week- a 70s retro inspired look by completed by a mixture of my favourite Italian fashion brands.

I was wearing

70s pattern Miu Miu cotton knit skirt and top set
Flower patent leather D & G vintage coat
Ivory and metallic orange crocodile and python Dolce & Gabbana wrist bag
Navy Prada sandals with a metallic silver heel
fashion week looks

Sunday February 28th

To match the classic Italian dress code while adding a touch of sexy I wore black and white for Sunday in Milan. I had a surprise hiding under the layers of black and white- a bright orange sequin top.

I was wearing
Sequin ‘I Get Around’ Ashish Top
Leather Calzedonia jeans
Black and white racoon Mango Faux Fur
Classic Chanel XL Black Bag
fashion week looks



For Paris we couldn’t resist packing Parisian looks, so all of the outfits resonated with the different areas in Paris, as every part of Paris is different.

Thursday March 3rd

To travel to Paris I wore a traditional beret and the typically French white, blue and red.

I was wearing
Red cropped knitted Miu Miu sweater
White cropped sleeveless Balenciaga button up shirt
Dark blue Prada jeans
White, red, blue Yamamoto kicks
Black Classic XL Chanel bag
Navy Balenciaga Coat
fashion week looks

Friday March 4th

Couldn’t resist wearing a Louis Vuitton poncho in Paris. My entire outfit was created for the statement Louis Vuitton piece.

I was wearing

Fuchsia and grey Louis Vuitton thick wool poncho
Grey J Brand Jeans
Grey silk Balenciaga sleeveless top
Caramel suede Zara button up shirt
Caramel cowgirl Gucci boots
Black and caramel Prada messenger bag
fashion week looks

Saturday March 5th

My romantic Parisian look was summed up with a retro tweed Prada skirt and a matching floppy hat by Stella McCartney. Decided to give a little edge to the outfit with studded Louboutin heels

I was wearing

Burgundy and crème Prada tweed mini skirt
Sparkly black Sandro short sleeve top
Burgundy oversized Sandro sweater
Pastel pink oversized Jil Sander Coat
Pastel pink Daniel Espig Bag
fashion week looks

Sunday March 6th

Parisians are known to look amazing without making a fuss, so I reproduced this image for Sunday. Sunday was already half pleasure/half work so the laid back look was ideal. Besides who doesn’t want to look stylish but comfortable?

I was wearing

Navy blue Jaleo shirt dress
Navy Lanvin cropped jacket
Forest green Daniel Espig backpack
Navy blue Balenciaga jacket
Forest green Church’s shoes
fashion week looks

Monday March 7th

Decided to celebrate my last day of Fashion week with a Ladurée look- look to replicate the Carrie Bradshaw in Paris scene where she is bored and eating cakes and macaroons at Maison Ladurée

I was wearing

Ivory Closet London bubble skirt
Ivory lace Zara cropped tank top
Bubble pink cropped Miu Miu cardigan
Turquoise Balenciaga blazer
Turquoise Moschino Barbie shoes
Limited edition pastel floral and sequin Louis Vuitton scarf
Pastel pink oversized Jil Sander Jacket
Bubble pink Miu Miu leather clutch
fashion week looks

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