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Wedding Dress First Trial: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly



Bride Wars Dress

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“Most people think that trying on wedding dresses is either magical or terribly stressful. The truth is, it depends- it depends on what others tell you and it depends on whether you are a perfectionist.” 

If you feel under pressure then you will never enjoy the experience; if on the other hand you don’t care so much about the kind of dress you want to wear on your wedding day and let your intuition drive your decision, then it will probably be a very enjoyable experience.

Before making my first wedding dress trial appointment I was already bombarded by advice from friends who recently got married or who are further down the process of planning their wedding. Almost all of them told me that I will most likely choose a dress that is the opposite of what I imagined I would choose. Also friends suggested to be practical and have a dress made from scratch. A lot of brides do that- they find an image of a dress they like or they try an expensive dress they like and then they have the dress made cheaply. But what if the end result is not what you expect?

I was excited to try on first wedding dress at the Vera Wang shop in London. Some of the bridal shops, including Vera Wang charge a fee to book an appointment. The fee I paid was £25 which I find it justifiable because you don’t feel guilty for trying on as many dresses as you wish, as many times as you like. I chose five different dresses to try on and all of them were different. I intentionally chose different dresses because I wanted to see which style works better for me.

One of the dresses I tried was the dress Kate Hudson wore in the movie “Bride Wars”. It was the dress my mother, who also joined me for the appointment loved the most because I would imagine it is every mother’s dream to see their daughter looking like a princess. Personally I was looking for a more modern dress . The idea of having a big dress is still there and there is a possibility that I wear two dresses- one for the church ceremony and one for the party. Choosing one is difficult because if you wear a big one you you can barely move at the party. If you wear a light dress then you feel like you are missing out on the princess moment.

The Vera Wang dresses are special because each one is individual. She designs her dresses to fit well and not loose out on style.

“Not all dresses look great and you have to try a lot of different styles until you find the one; it is kind of like dating before meeting the right guy.”

You don’t necessarily like what you initially see on the website. One downside is that most of the new collection dresses are not in the shop, so if you were thinking of trying a dress you really liked from the most recent lookbook you will most likely not find it in the shop. I was very surprised that they had the Brides Wars dress as it is a movie from 2009- but I’d imagine that it is a best seller.

Overall I would rank my Vera Wang wedding dress trial experience a 6/10, because the dresses I wanted to try were not there. Also despite her beautiful designs I was not impressed with the quality of the materials.

My next upcoming wedding dress appointments are with Alberta Ferretti, Alice Temperley and Browns Brides; can’t wait to see how those turn out!

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